What Are You Made Of?

I am happy to announce that The Back Care Center has recently added a valuable new tool to help you achieve a healthier and pain-free life style.  We have just acquired a “Rice-Lake,” D-1000 Bio-Impedance Analyzer.  This is a medical-grade device which gives an accurate assessment of exactly what is going on inside of you.

Photo of Rice Lake D1000-3

Your body is made up of bones, organs, muscles and fat.  However, the percentage of fat versus the percentage of lean mass (the rest of your body) is critically important to your health.  Typically, your doctor only estimates these percentages.  They use only three factors, your sex, height and weight.  Looking at these, they can establish your Body Mass Index (BMI).

The real value of BMI is to life insurance companies, which use it to determine if you are at risk of an early death, due to a heart attack or a stroke.  The problem with relying upon BMI is that some people have greater amounts of muscle and others have greater amounts of fat.  In other words, relying upon BMI alone does not give an accurate assessment of your health.

With our medical grade Bio-Electrical Impedance device, we can accurately help you determine your percentage of lean body mass.  This gives you information you need to create a program customized towards improving your body composition, preventing cardiovascular conditions and relieving pain associated with chronic inflammation.

Call our Dumont office at 201-387-7463 today to set up your appointment to find out what you are made of!

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