😊 A New Year, Means A New Start!

No matter how good my intentions, at the end of the year, the wheels seem to fall off my dietary routines and my normal eating habits suffer a little bit.  I am not certain if it is all the parties, the freshly baked cookies, or the holiday dinners are the cause.  All I know is by the time the new year has come, some extra pounds seem to have crept on, I don’t feel good, and need to do something to change my diet and get my health back under control.

For me, the first thing on my “To Do” list is a Metabolic Detox Program.  This is my 3rd year in a row on the program and is an excellent way to address nutritional issues.  I am always anxious before I get started.  I hate giving up my decaf coffee and really miss those holiday snacks I have become accustomed to eating.  But by the time it is done, I feel so much better, usually have lost that extra weight and am happy that I pushed myself to go through the process.

In my office I recommend the “Metagenics” detox.  It is an excellent program which uses a combination of short-term food elimination and strong vitamin supplementation.  This helps with liver function, digestive issues and over all levels of inflammation (a major cause of chronic health issues).

There are different dietary programs for different needs.  Not everyone can use the same program.  We evaluate everyone before recommending a “Detox” program. Often, we send for blood tests before we start.

To find out if starting the new year with a detox would be right for you, call us at 201-387-7463 to learn more.



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