In many patients with pinched spinal nerves, the pain doesn’t stay in the spot which is causing it. While neck pain and back pain may be one of the most common symptoms of pinched nerves, another very frequent symptom is pain into the legs or the arms.

Spinal nerves come directly from the spinal cord, which is a direct extension off of the base of the brain. Those nerves are carrying information both from the brain to the body and then back again to the brain.

If a nerve in your neck is pinched, you may not feel the pain there. Instead it may feel like there is a problem running down the length of your arm. Pain may not be your only problem – there may be weakness in the muscles of your arm and your hands. People with pinched nerves not only can have pain in their arms, but also will frequently drop things.

Similarly, if a nerve in your lower back becomes trapped, the pain may go from your buttock, down into your leg and sometimes all the way to your foot. Walking can become agony, every step setting off an electric shock of pain throughout your entire leg.


There are multiple reasons for nerves to become pinched in your back or neck. We are experts in our office at finding out why they are pinched and correcting the problem at its source using chiropractic adjustments and, in some cases, spinal decompression therapy.