You Can’t Do That!

A patient from Harrington Park came to see me because he was having lower back pain. The pain had started in his back and was traveling into his leg all the way into his foot. The MRI showed that he had a herniated disc that was pinching a nerve in his lower back. Not only was it causing him pain but also it was making his leg so weak that his toes dragged on the ground when he walked (called a foot drop).

image of neurologist saying no when a chiropractor says yes

Don’t let “Doctor No” force you into unnecessary surgery!



We started care and he began to improve but his wife had made him an appointment in a neurologist’s office and she insisted that he keep the appointment. The neurologist was alarmed about the foot drop and, even though he was showing improvement, he recommended surgery on the herniated disc.

I called the neurologist and spoke with him about the case. I outlined the progress we had made at The Back Care Center and let him know that we have had great results with similar cases. He told me, “You can’t do that.” He insisted there was no way I could help a patient with a herniated disc and a foot drop.

The patient wasn’t too keen on the idea of surgery and was pleased with the results we had been getting, so he continued to work with me. We used spinal decompression, chiropractic and exercise therapy together and I am happy to say the patient made a full recovery.

I sent the Neurologist a final report when we finished up with the patient’s care. For some reason I never heard back from the neurologist about the case. I hate when someone tells me “You can’t do that” – especially when I can.

Has somebody told you that you can’t get healthy without surgery? Are you looking for a non-surgical path out of pain and back to health? Call us at The Back Care Center and let’s see what we’re able to accomplish together.

The Back Care Center is located in Dumont, NJ and we see patients from our surrounding towns including Bergenfield, Closter, Cresskill, Demarest, Dumont, Emerson, Englewood, Harrington Park, Haworth, New Milford, Ridgefield Park, Teaneck and Tenafly in Northern New Jersey. Call us at 201-387-7463 to schedule an appointment today.

Do Your Discs Hurt?

Our practice is a bit different from some other chiropractic offices since we treat a lot of people with herniated and degenerated discs. We help them with a combination of tools including spinal decompression, instrument chiropractic adjustments, cold laser and exercise therapy. We’re very successful and most patients get better without ever needing to resort to risky surgeries or drugs.

Image of herniated disc which can be treated at The Back Care Center

At the Back Care Center of Dumont, NJ we treat herniated discs (shown) with spinal decompression therapy and other techniques.

Lots of people don’t know that they are having a “disc problem” because when these problems first occur, they don’t immediately cause severe symptoms. Instead, they usually begin as intermittent, small issues, like an ache or a pain, deep in the hips, back or neck. They seem to come and go with no reason or warnings and can be little more than an inconvenience. Things can go on that way for weeks, months or even years and people may never recognize the pains as signs of a growing problem until finally they have a severe episode and have to find help.

Disc injuries happen a little bit at a time, sometimes over a period of years. Small injuries add up until the damage is significant. The pain that brings people in for care is usually not the first one they have had – it just is the one that finally gets their attention. Most people miss the early signs of a developing problem, which is sad because catching the issue earlier makes it much easier to help. If you think that you’re showing signs of a disc injury, don’t wait for severe pain to start looking for solutions. Give us a call today.

The Back Care Center is located in Dumont, NJ and we see patients from our surrounding towns including Bergenfield, Bogota, Closter, Cresskill, Englewood, Harrington Park, New Milford, Ridgefield Park, Teaneck and Tenafly. Call us at 201-387-7463 to schedule an appointment today.

Does the Future Belong to Health Care Hit Men?

Don't give in to healthcare hitmen - visit The Back Care Center of Dumont, NJToday I am on a bit of a rant. A patient came into the office after being involved in an automobile accident. She had a herniated disc in her neck, pinching a nerve going into her arm, causing pain and weakness.

When I first saw her, she couldn’t turn her head or use her arm at all. Luckily, we take care of herniated discs here and we started her on program of spinal decompression, cold laser and chiropractic adjustments. About a month later she had less neck pain, more motion and her arm was getting stronger.

I sent the patient’s insurance company a report outlining her progress and my plan to continue helping her. Two days later I heard back from them and was surprised to learn that my “request” for care was denied!

I was confused and called the insurance company. This woman was making terrific progress but clearly was still hurting and needed more work. They connected me to the doctor who had made the decision about her case. (Of course, he had never met her and the only information he had was my report outlining the need for care).

I reminded him of the case and told him why I was calling. I pointed out that my patient was still demonstrating symptoms and had significant findings on her examination. He told me that the testing I had done (the same testing which every MD or DC uses) did not, in his opinion, demonstrate a problem and that the improvement in my patient’s progress and her current symptoms were irrelevant.

The good news is that I ignored this “Health Care Hit Man” from the insurance company. The patient did very well and after about four more weeks of care she successfully recovered from her injuries.

The reason I am so upset is that the writing is on the wall. The insurance companies are all doing the same thing. They are hiring some “professional” who has never met you and giving them the power to make decisions about your health and the type of care you will require.

I am telling you now because forewarned is forearmed. You need to know your insurance company is not going to be looking out for you. They are cutting coverage for care and at the same time raising premium costs every year.

Fortunately, at The Back Care Center we and don’t let the insurance companies push us around. We make it a point to keep care affordable and to treat our patients, not their insurance company.

If that’s the kind of care you’re looking for, then give us a call.

The Back Care Center is located in Dumont, NJ and we see patients from our surrounding towns including Bergenfield, Bogota, Closter, Cresskill, Englewood, Harrington Park, New Milford, Ridgefield Park, Teaneck and Tenafly. Call us at 201-387-7463 to schedule an appointment today. 

Looking for Spinal Decompression Therapy? Talk to The Back Care Center of Dumont, NJ!

I recently had a patient referred to me by another chiropractor. The patient was suffering arm and shoulder pain due to several badly herniated discs in his neck. Pain from this type of problem can be severe and have significant effects on day-to-day life.

The doctor referred him to us because of our “Discforce” spinal decompression therapy table, something that very few other chiropractic offices in Bergen County, NJ have. This state-of-the-art equipment allows us to safely and painlessly treat “slipped” or herniated discs in the neck and in the lower back.

It was the doctor’s opinion that without spinal decompression therapy, the patient would have to undergo surgery in his neck. Both the patient and the doctor agreed that having someone cut open his neck would not be his first choice, so she made the referral to our office.

I am very happy to be able to help this man and all of the others who have come to the office for this type of treatment. If you have any questions about spinal decompression therapy and whether it can help you, please contact the office or send me an email. And if you’re in Dumont or one of our neighboring towns (Bergenfield, Closter, Cresskill, Englewood, Harrington Park, New Milford, Ridgefield or Teaneck), why not stop in and take a look at our Discforce spinal decompression table. It’s actually pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves!